Boom Mowers


Rhino has five boom mowers available to help make your pond shore or ditch mowing job easier. Rhino booms extend up to 21 feet for even the most difficult trimming.

Mowing can be extremely difficult and even impossible on steep slopes near water or other ditch-like areas. A boom mower allows you and your tractor to stay above while extending a mower down below to do your mowing. 


A Hydraulic Boom Flail mower has three models. The 1400, 1600 and 1900. Each increasing in power and length. This mower is great for maintaining grass, cutting back overgrown brush, ditchbanks, roadsides, fence rows, and pond slopes. 


All 3 models available with flail head or cutter bar.

Boom reach ranges from 14'-1" to 19'-8", depending on model.

Fits tractor as small as 45 PTO and 4,500 lbs weight.

Parallel arm geomety allows reach adjustment without requiring constant height adjustment.

Totally independent hydraulics with dual rotor rotation for upward or downward cutting.

Hydraulic break-away safety mechanism built into each model.

Simple cable controlled in-cab controls.

"Wire Trap" system is included on each flail head to keep loose wires from rotor entanglement.

Flail head includes adjustable front guard for protection from thrown objects.

Power Slew feature on 1600 and 1900 models allows mowing within the tractor width.

1600 and 1900 models include Hy-Reach geometry for straight-up cutting close to the tractor. 

SV2160 Boom Mower


The SV2160 is great for pond banks, levees, drainage ditches and roadsides. It is larger than the boom flail mower and can cover a greater area at one time.


158" reach from center of tractor.

Hydraulic driven.

60 gallon oil reservoir doubles as a counterwieght.

85 degree vertical head movement and 90 degree downward head movement.

Optional gauge wheels for better ground contour movement. 

DB150 Boom Mower


The Rhino DB150 is another great tool for agriculture needs, ponds, roadsides and fense rows. It does not have the long extendable arm but is short for steep drop offs. 


CAT II-III Quick Hitch.

Hydraulic breakaway.

60 Gallon oil reservoir doubles as a counterweight

190 degrees of head movement

2" diameter cut capacity

9 1/2 ft trasport width

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