Finish Mowers

Rhino finishing mowers features rear discharge, a floating 3-Point hitch, reinforced decks, and four gauge wheels. Our Rhino Flex Finish Mowers offer additional benefits such as Flail blades and individual height adjustment. Rhino has a mower to complete your job.

There are two kinds of Finish Mowers. Single Deck Mowers and Flex Finish Mowers. 

Single Deck Mowers

There are 2 kinds of Single Deck Mowers. The Turbo series and the XM series. 

The Turbo series feature large pnumatic Tires, Quick hitch compatibility, an Easy "no tool" high adjustment, spring loaded drive belt idler and blade tip speeds of over 18,000 FPM.

The XM series are designed for tractors from 15 to 60 PTO HP. XM mowers have a simple adjustment for maintaining proper drive belt tension, high suction blades lift the grass, providing an even clean finish and a fully floating 3-point hitch to obtain a consistent cut on uneven ground. They are great for small estates, home owners, schools or parks. 

Flex Finish Mowers

The Flex Finish mowers also have 2 types. The Turf flex and the Flex Flail. 

the Turf flex feature 3 independent free floating decks, 3/16" decks, 7" mower deck overlap and 75 HP divider gearbox. They are perfect for sod farms, golf courses, estates, parks, sport fields and schools. 

The Flex Flail feature super heavy-duty  Flail mower heads, reversible self-cleaning knives, even disbursement, deflects objects down for safer operation and a 1"-6" cutting height. They are also great for sod farms, golf courses, estates, parks, sport fields and schools. 


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