Gregoire Grape Harvesters

Depending on your needs there are many different items of equipment ranging from tractor pulled machines to full self propelled machines.


For more information on tractor pulled harvesters, click here.


Self Propelled Harvesters

The self propelled harvesters are a great answer to any vine fruit harvesting troubles. The grape harvesters are an all around great machine all year round. Available, are all the attachment tools needed to harvest your grapes and we are here for you every month of the year! Gregoire's unmatched product coupled with our service, you have everything you need to have a productive grape or olive harvest! We also do customizations on our products depending on the needs of your vineyard.

A Gregoire self propelled harvester straddles the vine row with you sitting in the cab directly over the vine giving you great visibility to all sides. 

Available are the G175V, G84, G86, G106, G2.210, G7.220, G7.240, G8.260, G8.260, G8.270, G9.320. 



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